Mobiderm Technology and Lymphedema Solutions

Medical compression is a key element of lymphedema management.

Mobiderm is a medical device made up of foam blocks, encased between two non-woven bandages. The difference in pressure created between the support area of the blocks and their surrounding area, promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid and optimizes the drainage efficacy.

Precisely Placed Foam Blocks

Different foams for different levels of fibrosis is optimal.
● Cubes have been specifically chosen to maximum effectiveness in stimulating lymphatic fluid and helping to break up fibrotic tissue
● Once placed in between the nonwoven material, their final position is not flat, but rather with the edges pointing out, creating higher and lower pressure points​
● Creates pressure differential in the tissue between the contact zone of the blocks and the surrounding area​

The Reduction Phase

Mobiderm solutions includes pads and bandages to incorporate into a multi component bandaging.
● Available in small and big blocks and in multiple dimensions, they will accommodate your patients’ various needs

The Maintenance Phase

Mobiderm Technology is also incorporated into various mobilizing garments:

INTRODUCING Mobiderm Intimate Shorts for genital lymphedema. Available in men's and women's styles
● Mobiderm Autofit self-adjustable is available as arm sleeve with mitten, below-knee and thigh-high styles
● Mobiderm Standard is available as mitten, glove and simple arm sleeve styles

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